Keeping a Keepsake: How to Preserve Flowers From Your Special Someone

Giving flowers is one of the best ways to express sincere emotion. From friendship and love to sympathy and I'm sorry.

When you have that beautiful arrangement in front of you, you'll want to know how to preserve flowers forever.

There are many methods of preserving flowers. Here are a few you can try. 

Preserving Flowers With Cat Litter and the Microwave

This is a great way of preserving your anniversary flowers if you are impatient. In just a few minutes you'll have preserved flowers to keep forever.

First, place one flower at a time in a microwave safe bowl. Cover the flower with four cups of cat litter.

Microwave on high for two minutes (or three if your microwave has a low wattage). Let it cool.

Brush off the excess liter carefully and display your dried flower.

How to Save Flowers with Sand

Another option is to use sand. Sand is easy to find and often free if you live near a beach. Make sure the sand is dry before you start. 

Cut the bloom's stem to less than 2 inches. Carefully stick the bloom in the sand and gently cover it.

Put the bowl in a cool, dark place like a basement or garage. It will take about four weeks for this process.

When the time is up, carefully unbury your flower. It will look full and retain the color. Yet, this process is messy and takes a long time. 

How to Preserve Flowers By Using Silica Gel

If you're wondering how to keep roses forever just the way they are, you'll need silica gel.

You can buy it at most craft stores. Just bury your bloom in a large container full of the gel. Then after a week, uncover the flower to reveal a vibrant, preserved bloom.

The disadvantage of this method is that it can be expensive.

Air Dry Your Flowers 

A tried and true method for preserving flowers is to air dry them. Just gather your bouquet with a rubber band.

Hang the bunch upside down, away from direct sunlight. The petals will shrink and dry.

After a couple of weeks, your dried flowers will be ready to be put on display.

The good thing here is that you keep the stems intact. But it's risky. Flowers can shed some petals or get some mold on them during the process.

You can also air dry flowers in a vase. Simply don't refill the water. After a couple of weeks, you have a dried floral arrangement. 

Preserve Flowers Forever By Pressing Them

Another favorite trick for how to preserve real flowers is to press them. 

You'll need wax paper and a heavy book. Place a piece of wax paper in the middle of a heavy book. Arrange your blooms so they don't overlap.

Place another sheet of wax paper on top and shut the book. Leave the book closed for up to 10 days.

Then, you'll have stunning two-dimensional pressed flowers. They make great bookmarks or framed art. 

Bottom Line on How to Preserve Flowers

As you can see, there are many methods you can use to preserve flowers.

We suggest learning how to preserve flowers by trying each method to see which one you like. Then, once you find a way you like, stick to it.

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