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Dried + Preserved Flower Collection

For all the busy bees out there or the ones who just wish flowers didn't have an expiration date, dried flowers are definitely the way to go! Dried flowers are more durable and can last several years. They don't need any water or care-taking in general. Just be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight, don't get them wet and give them a fluff every now and then! ⁣Whether you choose an entirely dried bouquet or combined with fresh blooms we’re happy to help! Send us a picture of your space and we’ll custom design a piece to fit perfectly. 

Please note: We copy as close as possible to the images shown. If a particular item is not available, we will provide the best possible substitution.

Eevee Dried Bouquet (similar vase)

This particular vase is no longer available. We will use a similar vase instead. We copy as close as possible! 

Pampas Grass Arrangement

Pampas grass - naturally dried, in a white geometric pot (vase included)

Dried Flower Mini: Valentine Edition

Includes a single preserved mini rose.  If a particular item is not available we will provide the best possible substitution.

Rustic Dried Bouquet (similar vase)

A simple rustic dried bouquet with neutral tones. Wrapped in twine, this bouquet includes dried pampass grass, bunny tail and cardo. We copy as close as possible! 

Spearow Dried Bouquet

Vase included We copy as close as possible! 

Custom Made Dried Arrangement

We will work within your budget and create an entirely unique design that is not available in our collections.

Stella's Dried Arrangement

This mirrored vase includes Stella's favorites - pampass grass and chrysanthemum

Dried Lavender Bundle

MINI BOUQUET - $3.50 MEDIUM BOUQUET - $9 LARGE BOUQUET - $20 Made in France by Provence En Couleur