How to Send Flowers at Work: A Guide for Gift Givers

Sending flowers to someone while they're at work is one of the oldest ways to impress someone. Not only does it remind someone that you're thinking of, but flowers at work also reminds them of you when you're not there.

If the person you're sending flowers to also likes being the center of attention, then flowers are only part of the gift. They do more than just decorate a person's office. Sending flowers can be a way to announce a new relationship, a promotion, or anything else.

The kind of flower you choose to send should also be something the person enjoys. Nobody wants dandelions decorating their desk. It should match the occasion-corporate bouquets mean different flowers than sympathy ones.

Keep reading for some tips on how to send flowers to someone special while they're at the office!

Consider The Person and The Occasion

Random flowers at work can be off-putting for some people. To them, it can feel like you're putting them in a place they don't want to be. It says something about who they are to you if you send them flowers, and if they don't agree with it, they may get angry.

However, there are occasions when it is appropriate to send a person flowers at work. If they just got a promotion, or the office is celebrating finishing a tough month, it may be nice to send them a gift. With flowers, you can also send a personal message that will make the gift a lot sweeter.

Sometimes, people also just like getting flowers at work too, though. Before you go sending random bouquets to someone, be sure to check and make sure it's fine with them beforehand. Once they give the go-ahead, go wild.

Make Sure It's Okay to Have Flowers At Work

Some workplaces are strict about what a person can have on their desk. Other workplaces don't give people desks. You shouldn't send a person flowers if they work at a restaurant or a construction site, where they can't put it anywhere.

Sometimes, workplaces don't allow flowers due to allergy concerns. Setting off someone's allergies is never worth it.

You should speak with the person you're sending flowers to beforehand to clear this up. Not only will it let them know that you want to make sure they're okay with your gift, but it will avoid any confusion later.

Flowers at The Click of Your Mouse and The Tap of Your Thumb

Gone are the days when you used to need to venture to a florist for a bouquet. Now, you can purchase flowers from the comfort of your own office. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Some florists even let you purchase flowers from your phone. So, if you're thinking of someone on the train ride home, all you need to do is pull out your phone to send them a gift. Just make sure they're okay with it, first.

It's Easy To Send Flowers But Be Careful With Them

Just because you can send a bouquet of roses or daisies from the comfort of your home doesn't always mean you should. Only send gifts to people you know. Also, you should make sure that gift is something they deserve.

Our flowers are carefully cultivated with local florists, with designs for all occasions. They're a gift anyone can enjoy. So if you're sure a certain somebody will appreciate flowers at work, just start shopping here!

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