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Jenni's Greenhouse

Welcome to Jenni's Greenhouse! This collection is updated regularly with plants we have in store. To choose a pot to go with your plant, head over to our Pots and Containers Collection! 

Please note that no two plants are exactly alike. Yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality. If it is indicated that colours may vary, our designers will choose the nicest specimen at hand! For particular requests, please make note in the special instructions at check out.  

One more thing! If you see something you like that is marked sold out, give us a call at 613-789-7676, we have new shipments arriving every week so we may be able to put in an order for more!

Beaudry Flowers Gift Card

Introducing the Beaudry Flowers Gift Card: Give the gift of choice, creativity, and natural splendor. Get your Beaudry Flowers Gift Card today and let their floral dreams come to life! They can immerse themselves in our vast selection of fresh, dried, or faux flowers, plants, and captivating home decor.

10" ZZ Plant

2-2.5ft. Plant may appear larger in photo. 

10" Philodendron Selloum

2-2.5ft. Plants may appear larger in the photo. 

10" Ficus Burgundy (Rubber Plant)

2-3ft. Plant may appear larger in photo. 

10" Chinese Fan Palm

3-3.5 ft tall. Plants may appear larger in the photo. 

Utah Desert Centrepiece

low ceramic pot size 6.5" in diameter. All round. Combination of greenery, Proteas, succulents & cacti. 

Country Dishgarden Planter

We copy as close as possible. If a particular item is not available we will provide the best possible substitution.