Hotels & Resorts

The ultimate goal for the hotel industry is to create a home away from home where guests can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing environment that alleviates the stresses and strains of their everyday life. Hotels should want to make first impressions count and create lasting memories for their guests. In order to truly create an authentic and pleasant experience, it is important for hotels to acknowledge the power of flowers. It is no secret that flowers have an impact on people’s emotions, moods, and behavior. The benefits of having a go-to hotel Ottawa flower service are clear. Beaudry Flowers has years of experience in providing sensational interior floral décor for hotels in Ottawa. We provide floral decorations for hotel lobbies, reception areas, rooms, etc. This can come in the form of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly flower arrangements for the desk, planters for the lobby, silk arrangements for the rooms or flower decorations for hotel events. Every occasion also deserves some interior decorating to create a festive environment in the hotel. Our styles of floral decorations for hotels vary. Whether it is a small family owned hotel or a luxury chain hotel, we have the knowledge and experience to tailor to your brand identity.


  • Over 30 years working as leading florists in Ottawa
  • FREE consultation 
  • FREE delivery in Ottawa for orders over $50
  • Employees, family and friends can use a PROMO CODE on all order from our website
  • Professional installation and maintenance of corporate weekly flowers and plants
  • Guaranteed freshness and replacement
  • Huge variety of vases and containers to suit various office styles, venues and sets
  • Customized monthly billing

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