Beaudry Flowers Christmas Story #1

I love decorating for the holidays. Now, I'm not one of those people who transforms into an elf on November 1st, decking the halls and continuously blasting Christmas songs to the detriment of my personal relationships, but I do really like greens and sparkly baubles. Sadly, I don't have ample room for such things in my apartment. Our Christmas tree is a modest 12" tall, small enough to fit in a pretty decorative cage so our cat can't swat the balls off. This said, I was admittedly giddy when asked to help with Beaudry's installation of a 9 foot tree at a client's beautiful home.

"Do you know how to fix the branches?" Wadia asks me. When artificial greens are stored, the bows gets packed and snarled up together, so they need to be loosened and fluffed to make them look natural. I flash back to being scolded as a child by my Nana because in my excitement, I had started putting the ornaments on before she had a chance to fluff the greens. I really do like sparkly baubles. Eventually my impatience motivated me to learn how to do it properly myself, and now I wonder if that wasn't Nana's ruse all along...

So I'm off with Martha, Abdo, and a 9' tree packed into the company truck, on our way to the client. We're having fun on our little excursion, radio blaring and joking with each other. I really do appreciate working with people whose company I enjoy so much. I began thinking of us as the Christmas crew, on our way to spread holiday joy through beautiful decor and excessive giggling. Martha and I thought Wadia would enjoy being sent a selfie of her Christmas crew, which Abdo refused to be pictured in. We call him the Grinch now.

We arrived at the site, and the installation went beautifully. There are more lights on that tree than I could ever hope to count, and the thing looks spectacular. Our client was telling us how much they love their tree, year after year. It turns out they had purchased it from Beaudry in 2007, and I must say, it's delightful to hear that something from our shop has been cherished for so long!

I'm certainly starting to feel the holiday spirit. We have many more installations scheduled for our Christmas crew, and I can't wait.


Written by Elyssa Mahoney (Designer)

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