Are you looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Personalize Your Mother’s Day flowers in 3 Easy Steps

Giving flowers is a meaningful way of expressing your love and appreciation for that special someone. Mothers day is just around the corner, a perfect day to give the mothers in your life flowers, but how do you know which flower best suits her? Deciding which Mother’s day flowers to get is not as difficult as it may seem! What is her favourite colour? What is her favourite flower? If you do not know the answers to these questions, you can also consider the given meaning behind every flower which you can base on her personality traits or on what your mother means to you. The best gift ideas for mother’s day are achieved when you go that extra mile to make it more personal and meaningful.

First step: find out what your mom’s favourite colour is. Mother’s day flower arrangements chosen with her favourite colours will make your gift that much more special. You can choose colourful spring flowers like Red Tulips or Pink Tulips, Red Carnations or Pink carnations, Red roses or Pink Roses and/or White Daisies or flower arrangements with a mixture of colours. If you aren't sure, there are many ways of distinguishing your mother's favourite colour of flower. What colours make her happy? You can know this by looking at the colour in her wardrobe, the rhinestone colour of her earrings, her favourite pendant necklaces, or even by the main colours used in her wedding pictures or other special events.

 The second step: find out what her favourite flower is. Look through photo albums of special events in her life, such as her wedding, baby showers and birthdays. The flower arrangements she used as centrepieces at her wedding say a lot about her taste in flowers and will remind her of a special moment in her life. Her interior and/or exterior home decorations also say a lot about the kind of flowers she likes. Mother’s will notice that perfect touch and appreciate it that much more, trust us!

Third step: personalize your Mother’s day flowers in a special way. What flower best represents your mom? Finding out her favourite colour and flower is not the only way to personalize your gift idea. You can add that little extra touch and associate your mom’s loving personality with the specific meaning of a flower, and choose to either bundle them in a bouquet or flower arrangements. For example, the most common Mother’s day flowers are carnations, as it symbolizes a mother’s undying love. Pink carnations represent gratitude and love, red carnations connote admiration, while white carnations are used to give or wear in honour of a mother who has passed. Here are some examples of meaningful Mother’s day flowers to give:

            Pink Roses: symbolizing grace, gentleness and elegance.

            Red Roses: signifying romance and love.

            Orchids: representing a delicate beauty.

            Daisies: connote innocence and hope.

            Hydrangeas: represent perseverance, grace and beauty.

            Purple Lilacs: connote youthful innocence.

            Iris:  symbolize faith, valor and wisdom.

Giving flowers still remains a traditional and long lasting gift, which has and always will represent something special in a mothers eyes. Personalizing your gift is not as difficult as it seems. Our team at Beaudry’s Flowers is here to help you! It is by picking out her favourite colour and flower, and associating her personality traits to the given meanings of flowers that will render your gift truly unique and meaningful. Following these three steps will make the Mother’s day flower arrangements you have chosen a beautiful, thoughtful and loving gift to receive that she will cherish and remember forever. 

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